If you’re new to UbuntuCat and don’t know where to start, here are some of my favorite posts. They’re not reader-voted-on or reader-approved. Just my faves.

For now, I just have them listed. When I have time, I’ll order them by category or by most to least favorite.

Are we all oppressed?
The Pledge Under God
Social Education
Mother Nurture
Distracting Dress Codes
Gmail and Privacy
Bad Journalism
Individual Choice
“Subversive” Saved?!
Secular Music Edifies Me
Why I’m a Pro-Choice Christian
Missionary Dating
Fighting Gender Role Boundaries
Why Teach English?
Are we all oppressed?
The Scary Charismatic Movement
The Slut/Stud Double Standard
Only Temporary Band-aids: Affirmative Action and Extended Time Testing
Fictional De-sensitization Towards Violence
Double Standards
The Whining Rich
More likely to die how?
The Paradox of Nonconformity
Threshold of Pain
How Hollywood is Racist
The Context of Consumption
Privilege and Freedom
What good is science in the media?
Mac Zealots, Linux Zealots, and Windows Zealots
Anatomy of a well-intentioned Linux Troll (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the penguin)
Linux Doesn’t Need a Unified Distro
Progress isn’t relative
Single-sex? Co-ed? Who cares?
Voting on TV v. in Politics
The Linux Desktop Myth
He wouldn’t do it for you
Why I say she
Gaining Perspective on PC Gaming
Is KDE “more Windows-like” than Gnome?
Linux Myths and FUD
Macs are just computers, not magic
What if the TFM sucks? Do I still have to R it?
Does anti-malware do anything?
The price of apples
Does browser speed matter?
Macs are computers, not magic (part 2)
Does “belief in” public schools matter?
My time has no value?
Documentation Fragmentation
Pressure to have kids
The Ethics of Adblocking
Mothers Forced to Surrender Their Babies
Open Source for Non-Programmers
“Hey, you’re a guy…”
Class and dough
Feminism and Free Software
Who are we, really?
Enjoying the Car-Free Life
I’m PC. So what?
Examining the Porn Stigma
A New Desktop Linux Tactic: Play Hard to Get
Who else would be “black enough”?
“Sexual orientation” is a funny thing
Are you sure the music you’re downloading isn’t hurting the musicians?
Is passive-aggressiveness ever okay?
Listening in the dark
Swearing: it’s all in the timing
Does nature want to be nurtured?
Satisfy your curiosity the right way
Without education, it doesn’t matter which OS is “more secure”
Linux can be Windows sometimes, can’t it?
What if “that” isn’t “so gay”?
Malcolm X wasn’t the antithesis of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The truth about open source and piracy
When will Asian-Americans get a Will Smith?
The writers who cried YOTLD
I finally get Robert Frost’s “Road”
TV Censorship Sucks
Can objectification in moderation be okay?
Say-nothing phrases can be fun
Let nature do its own work
Successful politicians will be political
Sometimes I will get PC about “PC”
Why I was never a bitter nice guy

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